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Information for Truck Drivers

Our address is 26985 SW Farmington Rd in Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123. Our phone number is 503-628-8685.

Please call ahead with your ETA and have the ESH number that has been assigned to your load. We will NOT load you without one. If you don't know your ESH number, please call your broker to find out what it is. We will also need your name, cell phone number, and your current location.

We pride ourselves on the appearance of our products and ask that you arrive with a clean trailer. Also, please provide at least 2 load locks so we can secure the load before your truck leaves our lot.

For safety and better traffic flow, please pull all the way forward to the dock. Do NOT stop in the driveway or back into an open bay. Please check in at the shipping office on the dock so we can get you parked in a bay and start loading you in a timely manner.

Our loading hours are between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm with closing time at 4:00 pm. There may be an earlier cut-off depending on the footage that you are picking up. Depending on the situation, you might be allowed to drop your trailer overnight, if you arrive before 4:00 pm. The gates are locked overnight, and we do NOT allow overnight sleeping in our yard. Also note there is no parking along the street.

For safety reasons, we ask that all drivers stay off the loading dock. Once you are checked in and parked in a bay, please remain in your truck. We will lock your trailer out and place wheel chocks for you. When we are done, we will also secure your load for you. At that point, an employee will escort you onto the dock to double check the security of the load. If an unescorted driver is seen on the dock ALL LOADING WILL STOP until the driver is off the dock.

We do have an onsite scale for trucks that have FULL LOADS only. We do not offer scale services to drivers who are not picking up for Eshraghi Nurseries customers. Instructions on how to use the scale will be provided once you have been loaded. Do NOT use the scale without permission from an Eshraghi Nurseries manager.

We appreciate your cooperation, and do our best to load your truck as efficiently as possible.