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We can arrrange the shipment of your order for you using truck brokers with whom we have established relationships. After a process of collecting quotes, we select the best rate we can for you. Eshraghi Nursery will not bill your freight directly. You can expect to receive communication from the truck broker regarding any delivery addresses, contact information, and payment arrangements. Once your order has left our dock it is FOB. We arrange referigerated trailers only. If you would like to ship dry van OTR or rail, you are welcome to arrange for that. Please let us know if this is what you are choosing when it is time to ship. We are not responsible for any damage to plants shipped via dry van OTR or rail. Click here for our Terms and Conditions details.

If you prefer to arrange your own trucking, please contact your account manager to notify them of your plans. They will provide you with a pick up number for the truck driver to identify your load on the dock. We will not load a truck without this identifying information. Drivers are responsible for providing 2 load locks on the trailer for securing the loads as they are delivered.

Local Shipping

Local shipping encompasses Oregon along the I-5 corridor, HWY 26 from HWY 101 to Mt. Hood, HWY 101 from Tillamook to Astoria and Washington state along the I-5 corridor up to Bellingham on our box trucks. Our minimum order for local delivery is $2,750.00 and our freight charge is 15% of your net order total. In some instances we have more orders to ship than can fit on our box truck which can result in us contacting a truck broker to arrange shipment on a refrigerated semitruck.

For all other deliveries in the Pacific Northwest, we hire truck brokers to contract refrigerated semitruck drivers or you can arrange your own freight.

Will-call order minimums are $1000.00 for loading in vehicles smaller than a box truck and less than 10 lineal feet.

Truck Drivers

Please review our processes below. We appreciate your cooperation, and do our best to load your truck as efficiently as possible.