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About Eshraghi Nursery

In 1989, Linda Hockersmith Eshraghi began with a single greenhouse to grow flowers. Now Eshraghi Nursery has grown to 350 acres. As a company, we bring decades of experience from across the United States. We share our knowledge, skills, and proven methods to make our plant products superior when they are delivered to you.


At Eshraghi Nursery, we have a passion for plants, and a desire to share our knowledge about our material. Our service and attention to detail are appreciated by customers, from fellow growers to retail nurseries across the United States and Canada. We treasure long-term relationships and do our best to make each order exceptional, each customer content, and overall relationships smooth, enjoyable, and lucrative for all. Our sales team is always available to help you choose the best plants, whether during a tour, over the phone, or at a trade show.


You will find that we possess a love of maples, a fondness for conifers, and an interest in new plants of all kinds. Each year we add a handful of new varieties to our selections because they have been proven performers. We do not introduce new plants to our lineup easily, because we only want quality introductions, not flash-in-the-pan or overrated, over-marketed duds. We currently produce over 60 varieties of Japanese maples, selected for color, habit, and unique characteristics. Our grafted specialty conifers, especially Pinus, Cedrus, and Chamaecyparis are increasing in quantity. We focus on outstanding color, better habit, or improved survivability. Also, we offer consistent quality on the traditional, indispensable staples, such as Arborvitae, Azalea, Buxus, Hydrangea, Juniperus, Spiraea, and Picea.


Quality is always a primary goal. We focus on superior cleanliness and orderliness, from grafting through field production and can yards. Our topiaries, spirals, poms, and poodles are trimmed often by a few highly-experienced team members to maintain identical forms over the years. Additionally, we offer cedar boxes from 16" (2 to 3' plant) to 30" (8-10' tree) for added presentation to attractive specimens, dwarf varieties, or special growth forms.

You can expect to smile when you unload a truck full of Eshraghi Nursery plant material. Our quality, service and selection will ensure that you do.